Magpie Performers is a non-profit organisation that relies solely on funding from our fundraising events and donations.

By donating to Magpie Performers, you're helping a group of people continue doing what they love, and providing new opportunities for people in our community.


If you'd like make a donation, but you don't

want to donate cash, why not do an item

donation instead?

An item donation can be done by taking a

look at our online wish list of items and 

seeing what the group is in need of to keep 

running. You can then purchase something

directly off the list, and it sends straight to

our HQ with no hassle. We really appreciate

all item donations, as we can begin using

the items straight away as soon as they arrive on our doorstep, and this saves us having to source the item ourselves.

Our Amazon wishlist: View our list >

There are two ways you can donate to Magpie Performers - cash donations or item donations.

Cash donations allow Magpie Performers to pay for needed items to help keep the group active and running. Did you know, a donation of only £10 allows us to buy one costume for a member of our cast?

Cash donations can be used by us in a 

variety of ways to help the organisation 

the best!


Want to go that extra step in supporting Magpie Performers to not only support our all inclusive group, but to get your name in the spotlight as well? Why not become a sponsor?

Magpie Performers offers individuals and companies the opportunity to sponsor our upcoming productions. Sponsorship varies in price, from £50 up to £500, and offers benefits to the sponsor ranging from brand logos on our promotional material to free show tickets.

If you'd like more details on sponsoring an upcoming production, please contact us at

We'd like to thank our current sponsors:


Magpie Performers are always thankful to all the people who fundraise for us. The money raised from these fantastic events is always gratefully received and put to use in the way the fundraiser intends.

If you'd like to fundraise for Magpie Performers, get in contact with the team at




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